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Al nahdah ltd - الشركة جدة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz
    Al nahdah ltd - الشركة جدة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz
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    Al nahdah ltd - الشركة جدة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz

    Al nahdah ltd, جدة

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    Al nahdah ltd, جدة
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    عنوان الشركة: جدة, السعودية
    Jeddah – Al-Nakhil Dist. – The High Way – Ben yaqoub area
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    Since its foundation in 1392H (1972) , the business of Al-Nahdah Al-Ziraeya Establishment witnessed throughout almost half a century progressive development in its commercial and industrial activities. In order to keep pace with latest developments in the world of marble and ceramic, showroom has been opened at the new branch at Haramain Road in Jeddah which has become a benchmark in the urban development. And a new style in offering /displaying all the requirements of the Saudi market of Marble and Ceramic of all sources and types in the latest advanced international methods intended for serving the customer in the best possible way. Al-Nahdah for Marble & Ceramic is characterized by its strong sources in most of the producing and exporting countries which provide high quality and unique products in completive prices. Our objective is to provide high quality products in competitive prices and therefore we have the largest collection of international ceramic and marble brands from all the countries exporting ceramic and marble. We are unique in our artistic marble works and we provide fast and prompt services for our customers kingdom-wide. We constantly endeavor to develop our commercial and industrial business through adopting the latest methods and the up-to-date international techniques in order to keep the pioneering position and to support the national economy.
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